1979 TR-182 Turbo Skylane RG
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Welcome to the resource page for N736ZN, a 1979 TR-182 currently in the Sundance Flying Club fleet at KPAO.  This is a high-performance (235 HP), retractable aircraft with constant-speed prop and turbo-charging, capable of FL200 service ceilings.  It can deliver over 155 KTAS and endurance of over 6 hours with its 88 gallon fuel capacity (see plane's POH and Sundance website for your own pre-flight calculations).  IFR pilots will appreciate its complete avionics package with 430W GPS (w/Americas DB), HSI, A/P, DME, Radar Altimeter and redundancy, along with the hot prop.  This plane excels at cross country flight and has already been whale watching in Baja and to the Grand Canyon since joining the Sundance Club fleet.
Here is the current equipment list for this plane:
  • Hot prop

Please refer to Pilot's Operating Handbook for details on this plane's operation.  It is important to note that this engine is turbo-charged and is controlled by a manual wastegate integrated with the throttle control.  Pilots must never operate this plane above 31" manifold pressure (Red Line) and care must be taken at take-off or during go-arounds not to use full throttle setting (which closes wastegate and can cause over-boost).  Pilots must also be intimately familiar with the use and interpretation of data and alarms from the JPI engine monitor, as well as proper leaning procedures in order to avoid engine overheating (see JPI 700 Manual link above).

See Sundance Flying Club's website for rental information and rates http://www.flysundance.org/

All TR-182's have difficulty starting if the engine is warm or hot (<3 hours on the ground).  Please review these special starting procedures in case you should experience any difficulties with starting this plane - Click HERE
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